The mob, mostly youths, were said to have accused the police of causing the death of  an innocent man who was hit by a fleeing motorist.

A source told journalists in Lokoja, the Kogi State capital, that the police patrol vehicle was pursuing a vehicle suspected to be conveying India Hemp along the Obehira road.

He added that in the process, the vehicle hit a passerby, who fell into a gutter.

The source said the occupants of the vehicle escaped before the police could get to the scene.

He alleged that when the police arrived the scene, they felt unconcerned about the injured person, but were allegedly more interested only in impounding the vehicle conveying the illicit substance.

According to him, the youths became enraged at the perceived police inhumanity.

The youths were said to have demanded that the police ensure the victim was treated before taking the vehicle to police station.

The source said the disagreement between the police and the youths degenerated into a face-off.

The police were said to have escaped from the scene to avoid the anger of the mob, leaving behind their patrol vehicle and the one conveying the banned substance.

The source said the youths later burnt the two vehicles.

Speaking on the incident, the State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr.  Collins Adebayo, confirmed the burning of the vehicles.

He stated that the police got a distress call that a red Honda Accord was carrying an exhibit.

The PPRO added that when the driver saw the police, he fled with the vehicle.

According to him,  in an attempt to escape, he had a burst tyre and in the process, he hit and killed a pedestrian.

Adebayo added that the driver of the vehicle escaped while the youth later attacked the vehicle in anger.

He claimed that the police later arrived at the scene and made attempts to stop the mob from further vandalising the vehicle.

Adebayo said normalcy had returned to the area while investigation was ongoing.