Every married couple pray to grow old together and watch their children move from infancy to adulthood but when such dreams are truncated, the grief and pains it brings can be untold.

This is the lot of a young Engineer with the Nigeria Television Authority in Gombe State, Yusuf Amos, as he lost his pregnant young wife, Maryam, on September 13, barely a year after their marriage. They got married on December 28, 2014.

And to add to his sorrow, the baby died two days before the mother died from complications that came with the birth.

Amos who has been overcome by grief, took to his Facebook page and penned this touching tribute to his late wife:

"When people say that time heals all pains, they never had me in mind because I feel the same pain everyday. I remember when the priests were about to join us in holy matrimony, the pastor said 'Only death would do you part', I said Amen, not knowing that truly, death would tear us apart.

I still feel the pain everyday, raw as steel.

I now dread the break of dawn because it means I would have to live another day without you.

I feel the pain more when I think about the pain and stress you want through during pregnancy, our pregnancy. I feel the pains when I remember how you used to talk about the baby, our baby.

I remember it making noises and kicking in your belly. Your face smiling as I put my hands on your big rounded stomach.

We talked about our future plans, and you reminded me everyday that things would be better. I remember your exact words: 'My dear, just have faith in Goid because better days are ahead.'

But you left me without waiting for the fulfillment of your prophecies. Darling, it is so sad that the two of will leave me at the same. It is now that I understand the true meaning of loneliness.

When I wake up in the morning, I stare at the pillow at your side of the bed and practically see you kneeling down in prayers, asking God to keep us and our baby safe and healthy. But He has taken the two of you away from me. Though I cannot question God, I will only say may His will be done.

I am wrack with memories of you and the short time we spent as husband and wife and it hurts so much that left me so suddenly.

It hurts so bad that the pains is hard for me to bear but I pray for the strength to get through another day without you.

I still feel the same my dear; ours was a wonderful courtship and a holy matrimony. I remember how you shed tears of joy when we were pronounced man and wife.

Honey, death can only bring physical separation because the bond that exists between husband and wife makes the two of us to be one, which means that even as I lose you, I still feel that special bond between us and the love that still burns in my heart for you can never die.

You carried our unborn child for about 8 mouths and I saw the pains you went through right from the first week of your pregnancy, but you endured all because you wanted us to cherish and keep the gift of marriage.

As I bid you farewell, I want to assure you that though you are gone like the wind, you will remain in my heart forever."