Brave resident of Kalabalge village in Borno State have repelled an early morning attack by Boko Haram insurgents on their community traditional fighting equipment and charms on Tuesday.

The villagers killed several of the attackers and captured about 10 of the invaders alive.

The insurgents, numbering over 300 launched their attack around 4am today but were met by armed villages who had prior knowledge of the attack.

A vigilante member in the community who spoke with PREMIUM TIMES said they had made spiritual and security precautions and have thus successfully contained all previous attacks by the insurgents.

"We have told them (Boko Haram) that they cannot take their attacks to our village because, we have taken measures both security wise and spiritually to prevent them,” he said.

He said they were able to repel the latest attack after laying ambush on the insurgents.

“They wanted to attack us just the way they did in Bama, Konduga and Damboa, but we got the wind of it and all of us laid ambush for them; when they neared the village, we opened fire using our Dane duns, double barrel rifles and bows-and-arrows.

"Most of them who were shocked took to their heels, but many of them died, some that were injured have been caught alive and are with the security people as I am talking to you.” learnt that Boko Haram invaders have launched several attacks on Kalabalge,  a largely agro-nomad community that serves as the headquarters of Kalabalge LGA of Borno state.

The incident was confirmed by a State Security Service official on conditions of anonymity.

“The insurgents tried to attack the village as at 5 a.m. of this morning (Tuesday) but the vigilante and some members of the village who got the hint of the attack laid ambush and were able to kill as many of them as possible, while about ten of them were caught alive; they also recovered two trucks from the insurgents,"  the source said.

Boko Haram has recently increased attacks on communities near Nigeria's border with Cameroon, killing over 300 in Gamboru in a recent attack.