Disgraced former Miss Anambra,

In an interview she granted The Nation Newspaper, the 20-year-old Okeke said she was forced by the organizers, Anambra Broadcasting Corporation (ABS), to participate in the lesbian sex as part of the conditions for her to take part in the pageant.

Apart from the sex tapes, she also lamented that she was not paid the N1 million prize money just as the car given to her was taken back and when she went to ask for it, she was forced to sign a contract that made her relinquish the car.

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She also added that the ABS threatened to release the sex tape if she insisted on taking the car.

Narrating her own side of the story, Okeke said:

“Early last year, the ABS advertised  the Miss Anambra beauty pageant. I heard of it and went to make enquiry.

My roommate was also interested, but one of the organisers told me to apply. I told them I was not interested but the man insisted that I might win the competition.

He also promised to give me the form for free if I indicated interest, and he did when I agreed to contest.

But one Jane told me that before a winner would be declared, there were certain things to be done, including the (sex) video. I consented after some persuasion from the organisers.

I later went for the contest at the Marble Arch Hotels in Awka, and I was declared winner with a Kia Rio vehicle as star prize.

When I went for my car after the contest, the organisers brought out a contract form for me to sign, but I told them I wanted to contact my lawyer to see it. I was not given the opportunity to do so.

What they kept telling me was that if I insisted on not signing the contract or wanted to contact my lawyer, they would release the video.

At that point, I became uncomfortable and signed the contract to avoid such embarrassment, and the car was released to me from where it was packed within the premises of ABS.

From that moment, I became a slave to them. On October 11, 2016, they called me to come and make presentations inside the office of one the organisers.

After that, the man excused some people in that room and showed me the video again. They told me to drop my car and removed my crown from me.

I told them I would take the car as stipulated in the contract. They insisted I should pack it in the premises of (ABS).

I told my uncle in Abuja about the situation. My uncle called them and asked them to release my car to me.

Instead, they forwarded the video to him as part of the blackmail. That was what happened."

Recall that the lesbian sex tapes of the former Miss Anambra became public some weeks ago and the furor caused by the video in which another female said to be her personal assistant was using a huge cucumber on her has refused to die down.

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When the video first came out, Okeke had defended herself by saying the person in the video was not her as her face was superimposed on the lady but with this revelation that she was forced to take part in the video, it seems many would not believe her.