Pop artist Skales recently held an exclusive interview with Pulse and spoke on a range of issues.

As he walked up to the video room for his exclusive interview Skales cut the figure of the friendly guy next door who is at peace with the way his life is at the moment, shaking hands with everyone he came across, wearing a wry smile and confessing he was open to all type of questions.

He had released a new single, earlier in the week and that provided the right base for the conversation, ''Basically, I am working on my album and like 90% of the project was produced by , who I have worked with for over ten years.

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"The album wasn't supposed to be called what it is now, it was initially called, '' album, but we re-strategised because I wanted it to be an album that touches everywhere, not just Nigeria.

"The album is now going to be called , with the release date to be announced soon.

"I chose that name because if you know me, I hardly have bad blood against anyone, I believe there is so much hate around and we have to start by preaching about love''.

Skales is one artist who has worked with quite a number of his colleagues in the industry and even though he is disappointed that Burna Boy who he says, they both create magic together will not be on the project, he lists Vanessa Mdee, Cassper Nyovest, Sarkodie, Tiwa Savage, Phyno, Teni the Entertainer, Neza, Yung L and Endia, as featured guests on theMr Lovealbum.

On what makes his upcoming album different from his previous efforts, he admits, ''I have grown a lot, so which means I have experienced a lot, I react better to criticisms from my past album, even though whether people like it or not, I have had at least three to four hit songs from the albums that have made me who I am.'

He chips in on handling the negative comments that have come his way, ''I feel like no matter how much success you have, there will people that will always say things.

I won't lie, before it used to get to me, but not anymore, now I actually listen to what you have to say because I feel like I am still a work in progress''.

Commenting on his 2014 hit single, Shake body, he said, ''I have travelled to over 50 countries to perform based on the success of 'Shake Body', and that is the thing people don't know about Skales, because I don't shout about it. Shake Body has changed my life.

On his relationship with Wizkid, he said ''I am cool with him, like I am so happy for everything he is doing right now, I am honestly looking forward to the day when me and Wiz will do a song together again, cause people will be so shocked at the outcome'.

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Temper remix with Burna Boybrought controversy his way and he admits to his own naivety, ''I put the song out of excitement forgetting that we were supposed to clear it, It was actually Burna's verse that got us in trouble with Fela's estate because his rights were managed by Sony in France.

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So when we shot the video, they took it down from YouTube, but along the line, we found out that we were sharing the same lawyers, so were able to reach a resolution and immediately, the video was put back up.

Skales has been accused of selling out and tagged as an artist who will do anything just to sell, but he defends himself, ''Honestly, I wasn't a rapper, people just misunderstood me based on my first single, I have always just wanted to sing and rap, but when I signed to my first label at the time, they just wanted me to rap, because rap was getting attention at the point.

It was inevitable that we asked him why rap is not getting the right attention in the country and he opines that, ''I feel like people are always quick to judge rappers, but if a rapper is holding a show, how many people will go watch? because we have to be real, we want to bring hip-hop back, but do we support hip-hop?

"I saw the whole and how some were even mentioning my name, but if like an says I want to fill up Eko Hotel how many people will go? Because I feel like you cannot blame a rapper that switches, he needs to feed his family.

"I am not saying rap is a bad thing, but rap is not our culture and if you want it to survive in this country, give us support''.

As he wrapped up his interview and took pictures around the office, Skales reflected the man who was same with his music, his persona is centered around dance and having fun, which even his strongest of critics will admit is the selling point for the modern day artist.