We are eight days into the new year, but the memories of a fun-filled and exciting 2018 witnessed in the Nigerian Music industry continues to ring in our minds.

Outside brilliant records, unforgettable moments and major talking points that the past year offered to us, one area that also enjoyed a major boost was our street dictionary as it was constantly updated with the introduction of new slangs or buzz words from some of our favorite acts.

While we await the new ones that will definitely emerge in 2019, here is a round-up of some of the exciting ones that stuck in the past year.

Here are the 5 new music slangs we learnt in 2018


At the close of 2018, the word 'stew' held a different meaning from its original definition, no thanks to Wizkid and Tiwa Savage.

In the build-up to the release of some of his singles, Wizkid had first substituted the word, 'Song/music' for 'Stew', so instead of saying 'New music coming out', he used 'New stew coming out' and this was further heightened with the release of the visuals to his hit song, 'Fever' which starred Tiwa Savage.

'Stew' became the new viral word deployed by his fans to describe anything from the stables of the Starboy that was considered good or beautiful.

'Ji Masun'

Translated to 'Wake Up', 'Ji Masun' is a charge commonly used on the streets to incite one to be alert or awake at all times.

This was later adopted by DMW singer Idowest as the title of his hit single featuring label boss, Davido, where he cast more light on what it meant in the opening line of his verse, ''Oya stand well well, ko ya duro dada.''


If there is one word that has birthed several new ones over the years, it is money and in 2018, we discovered yet another one, this time from the DMW stables.

Frequently used by Davido during his many online giveaways, the slang was later developed into an anthem with the release of the titled song featuring DMW's pair of Davido and Peruzzi alongside Duncan Mighty with the much hyped video shot on the streets of Port-Harcourt.

'Gbe Body E'

With the wave of the new pop culture headlining dance move, 'Zanku', came a command that goes ahead of the song. 'Gbe Body E' which literally translates to 'lift/move your body.'

This was created by indigenous rapper Zlatan as a call for everyone to get off their feet and hit the dancefloor.

'Saint Sami - Ganja'

According to Urbandictionary.com, this slang made famous by the Otunba Lamba, Slimcase, ''refers to a boss (patron/matron), a person that is honored with all the glory in a successful act/gathering.''

Even though we cannot authoritatively tell you the origin behind this slang, we can, however, confirm that for anyone to be addressed under this name, he/she is the leader of an Oshozondi movement.