On October 6, 2020, premier lifestyle brand, Hennessy released the third and final part of its Hennessy Artistry's 'The Conversation' featuring MI Abaga and Vector tha Viper. The three parts of 'The Conversation,' provide a background of a lesson on Nigerian Hip-Hop, provide context to the beef between Vector and MI.

Finally, Vector and MI Abaga had a face-to-face conversation on the final episode. Throughout the time, Twitter was agog with conversations and thoughts on the different facets of the video releases. Pulse has decided to aggregate some of those facets and present them in a listicle format.

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Here are the top five moments from Hennessy Artistry's 'The Conversation' with MI Abaga and Vector tha Viper;

5.) The first teaser

When the first teaser dropped for 'The Conversation,' conversations and hot takes were afoot on Twitter NG. At the time, even Pulse Nigeria had to guess. The 30-second clip was the perfect introduction to what was to come. The idea it sought to prepare fans and make them anticipate.

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4.) "I don't understand, is he not a short man?"

Errrrm... Guys, you know when you say the truth but it's still like, 'Errrr...' That was what happened when Vector said, "I don't understand, is he not a short man?" The drama had been brewing since the 2015 Headies when Vector won Lyricist on The Roll and called MI Abaga a, "short man."

Abaga didn't particularly appreciate that comment and he made it known once again. However, Vector stood his ground and spoke the truth. The problem was that, it was still awkward...

3.) Jimmy Jatt - 'Beef is an element of Hip-Hop'

When MI Abaga and Vector tha Viper started beefing in 2019, some non-Hip-Hop heads criticized the beef and called it 'pointless.' The problem was that they either didn't get Hip-Hop or they don't understand how music goes. From time immemorial, Hip-Hop has been a competitive sport.

Problems are settled with bars and metaphors. Artists are creatives and their art is their diary. That's how they express and emote. It's only reasonable that they document their inner conflicts on wax. It's either that or they take to the streets and nobody wants that.

2.) CDQ - 'Hip-Hop died after DaGrin dead'

Another awkward moment that nobody quite understood. While CDQ's bid to extol DaGrin is understandable, how he chose to do it was quite... interesting. First off, DaGrin released his album, CEO in the final quarter of 2009 - and in the thick of the golden era of Nigerian Hip-Hop.

The problem was that since then, even CDQ himself has released albums and singles. When the matter trended on social media, we couldn't do anything but look on and laugh.

1.) The Conversation

There's nothing to say but to read an article of Twitter reactions that Pulse Nigeria did On October 6, 2020. It's the only way to understand what the final episode of Hennessy Artistry's 'The Conversation' means to Nigerian Hip-Hop.