On episode 17 of

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A new and season two finale episode titled "Past is Prologue," will air on Wednesday, May 17, 2016.

Check out four things to expect from episode;

1. The "Empire" cast revealed that someone important is going to die in the season finale episode.

2. There will be a wedding, but not the wedding you're probably expecting. According to a first look clip at upcoming episode, Hakeem's wedding would be crashed.

3. You will finally find out who pushed Rhonda. Everyone is sure it's Booboo Kitty, but the above clip threatens that thought.

4. Anika will threaten to take her own life, to avoid testifying against the Lyons.

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Following the 17th episode, Jussie Smollet took to Twitter to undefinedfrom the hit FOX series "Empire."

Who do you think will die in "Empire" season 2 finale?

Watch teasers above and below.