The British-Nigerian actor who plays the character of Baron Mordo in another of Marvel Comics production, Dr Strange, where he acts as the super villian who is adept in black magic, including summoning demons.

The villian character is not one that will be completely erased out of the MCU anytime soon, as there may be a new threat lurking, waiting to take his place. That character is Baron Mordo played by Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Mordo, who serves as a mentor to Dr. Strange plays a familair role to the character of Loki and Thor, two 'brothers' who find themselves in a circle of deceit and hatred.

Marvel always had a long term plan for Baron Mordo's character

According to Robert C Cargill, the script-writer for Doctor Strange, there is long term plan for Baron Mordo beyond the Dr Strange series.

''For those of you who have ever read the comics, you know that Baron Mordo has a very particluar arc, and that is something we discussed with Chiwetel while working on the first movie.

And part of the reason Chiwetel wanted to play Mordo was because he has a definitive ending as a character and it's such a fascinating ending.

And I do know that whether we are attached or not, that Marvel plans on working towards that ending and fully realizing Mordo as more than just a cardboard cutout villain, but actually taking him to kind of Loki levels of awesomeness. That's the goal with him.''

With Loki gone, it sounds like the next step is to replace his character with Mordo, as the MCU gains a new charismatic villain that everyone kind of roots for in spite of his inherent evil.

The big question, then, is whether or not Marvel can pull this off.