Exactly 10 days to the end of BBNaija 2019 Pepper Dem, Mercy and Tacha went against each other and caused so much chaos in the house.

Viewers were treated to extra sauce and pepper on the 89th day when Mercy and Tacha got into a dirty fight that took a drastic turn.

The two were at each other’s throat and were exchanging invective till Tacha pulled Mercy’s hair.

Mercy and Tacha fight dirty after early morning exercise. [Twitter/BBNaija]

Tacha’s action saw Mercy picking up the pressing iron in a bid to hit Tacha with it but some of the male housemates intervened.

Tacha said, "You're a clout chaser and you are dating your son.He calls you a psychopath," while Mercy said, "You're an Instagram beggar...you smell".

It took the intervention of Seyi and Omashola, who took Mercy out of the changing area out to the garden to prevent her from getting physical or a strike.

Mercy and Tacha fight dirty after early morning exercise. [Twitter/BBNaija]

It is unsure what led to the dirty fight but Elozonam hinted that Cindy had told Tacha something alleged to have been said by Mercy against her.

While the strong contenders raged on, Mike kept on eating and Ike kept his calm and looked unperturbed.

This is the first time Mercy and Tacha are having a serious fight since they both got into the BBNaija 2019 Pepper Dem House on June 30, 2019.

Shortly after the fight, Ebuka gave the house a surprise visit. He joined them in the lounge and asked the five nominated housemates for eviction - Ike, Mike, Tacha, Elozonam and Cindy - to pack their bags.