Since the country's new record of fresh coronavirus cases, it has become imperative for business owners to shut down operations temporarily while practicing social distancing.

So far, staying away from crowd and unnecessary gatherings is one of the safest measures to take to protect oneself against the virus. But, nobody says you have to be bored while staying healthy.

If you are self-isolating , it's the perfect time to binge-watch some of your favorites shows and films and if horrors and thrillers give you the kicks, the coronavirus pandemic might be one more reason to have your fill.

Here are 5 nollywood classic thrillers and horrors to binge-watch:

1. 'Nneka the Pretty Serpent' starring Ndidi Obi as Nneka

'Nneka the Pretty Serpent'
'Nneka the Pretty Serpent'

Spiritual thrillers birthed Nollywood. The massive success of 'Living in Bondage', a spiritual thriller, saw the rise of similar stories that explored the influence of spiritual entities as villains. 'Nneka the Pretty Serpent' stood out for its astonishingly gorgeous titular character, Nneka , a mermaid sent to the world to lure married men to destruction. The drop-dead mermaid was played by Ndidi Obi.

With its remake already in its pre production stage, now might be the best time to catch up on the 1992 blockbuster thriller.

2. Issakaba

Issakaba [Information Nigeria]
Issakaba [Information Nigeria]

Say the coronavirus had the form of a ruthless criminal and the Sam Dede led 'Issakaba' vigilante had one last mission. Needless to say that the red bandana and black ensemble group would leave no stone unturned till the viral bandit is decapitated.

Away from that fantasy, the on screen display of reckless bravery made 'Issakaba' one of the greatest thrillers in the history of Nollywood .

The four-part 2001 film is loosely based on true stories of the Bakassi vigilante, a notorious crime fighting group that meted out justice the jungle style during the early 2000s.

3. The Maid

Every Nigerian kid must have heard the "do not collect anything from any body" line dished out by Nigerian mothers. If you never took them seriously in spite of the promise of thunder and brimstone, this coronavirus season might be just the perfect time to regurgitate that piece of warning coupled with social distancing and advised hygiene.

The Mercy Johnson breakout film is straight out of a mother's paranoia pamphlet. It explores demonic possessions and the horrifying initiation of kids by kids!

It also starred Eucharia Anunuobi, Clem Ohameze and teenage star actress, Sharon Ezeamaka.

4. Diamond Ring

Richard Mofe Damijo in 1998 Horror [ Instagram/ OGDworld ]
Richard Mofe Damijo in 1998 Horror [ Instagram/ OGDworld ]

There's no way we are talking about Nollywood classic horrors and thrillers without noting Tade Ogidan's 1998 flick 'Diamond Ring'.

Asides the fascinating story of a truant kid who becomes possessed after stealing from a corpse, this movie is a great watch for its beautiful picture.

Unlike most classics, ' Diamond Ring' is not a pain to watch because of its impressive production quality. It starred Richard Mofe Damijo, Teju Babyface, Sola Sobowale, Buki Ajayi among others.

5. Billionaire Club

Billionaire's Club [YouTube]
Billionaire's Club [YouTube]

In the early 2000s, horror films with themes of occultism and ritual killings were pretty much the norm. Afam Okereke's 'Billionaire's Club' was one of the films with this sub genre to set a precedent. The film is based on high profile men involved in ritual killings. It starred Pete Edochie, Tony Umez, Kanayo O. Kanyo among others.

What will you be watching ?