Aquaman was officially introduced to the viewing audience in 2017 when he joined the Justice League to defeat a greater threat to the world.

His activities in the Justice League clearly showed him as the master of the ocean but left the little story about his life.

And on December 21, 2018, Warner Bros will release the movie to a global audience yearning to have a thorough knowledge and life of the superhero meant to reclaim the throne of Atlantis.

On Thursday, December 13, 2018, Multichoice/DSTV hosted movie writers, critics, practitioners, and stakeholders to a private screening of 'Aquaman' at the Filmhouse IMAX cinema in Lekki, Lagos.

The comic book adaptation directed by James Wan starring Jason Momoa in the titular role has some features that will interest the audience.

Here are the three things to look out for if you are seeing 'Aquaman.'

A deserving queen for the king

The Atlantean queen, Mera, is almost as prominent a character as Aquaman in the DC Comics universe in recent years.

Her ability to control water with her “hydrokinetic” powers and telepathic abilities was first viewed in Zack Snyder directed film, 'Justice League.'

Mera brought her A-game to the 'Aquaman' where she eventually jilted Mamoa's step-brother for the film's hero.

More villains than you can imagine

Aquaman features multiple villains challenging the film’s titular hero for control of the seven seas as a plan to attack the world is being hatched by Aquaman's half-brother who aims at becoming the Oceanmaster.

The first among the villains is Patrick Wilson, who plays the role of Orm, the half-brother of Arthur Curry, the Aquaman.

Orm is better known as the villain Ocean Master, a brilliant, powerful member of Atlantean royalty who frequently attempts to take control of Atlantis by any means necessary.

Another villain, who also posed to be a threat to Aquaman is Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who played the role of David Hyde, the villain who goes by the name of Black Manta.

Hyde is the vicious treasure hunter and mercenary, Black Manta and further reveals why he's one of Aquaman’s deadliest foes despite being a human.

The third villain is Dolph Lundgren, who plays the role of King Nereus and father of Mera.

Nereus plays the role of the leader of the aquatic kingdom of Xebel and supports Orm to kill and defeat Aquaman.

No dialogue bubble

If you are a member of the audience of 'Justice League,' you would wonder if bubbles will follow every dialogue in Aquaman.

In a scene from 'Justice League,' where Aquaman had a conversation with Mera after an undersea battle with the villain Steppenwolf, the sea queen used her powers to create a pocket of air around them before they spoke to each other and make conversation possible. This prompted some fans to wonder whether such an air bubble would need to be created every time anyone has a line of dialogue in 'Aquaman'.

But 'Aquaman' director, Wan ensured that his underwater world Aquaman is devoid of “air-bubble dialogue.

The filmmaker presented undersea conversation in Aquaman so much that viewers might consider starting a life underwater.