There are bloggers and there are super bloggers. Linda Ikeji is a super, super blogger. Linda who has gone from a being a model to a blogger who can buy a mansion in one of the most expensive places on earth deserves a unique term to describe her power, status and wealth. She is not of this realm.

I was once a blogger before I moved to Pulse and I know how much it is to yield a profit in a business that is now saturated with clueless people who don’t have strong opinions. So first things first congrats to Linda Ikeji! It is not beans, not even baked means as a matter of fact.

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Now with all good and bad things about Linda, there must always be a reaction on Twitter. This time around the reaction was ‘go and marry!’ Tens of thousands of tweets from pathetic excuses for men flooded Twitter, advising, instructing a self-made female millionaire to go and get married. They also said it would be hard for her to find a husband now because of her financial status. One even said she won’t get a husband because she won’t be submissive.

Hello this is 2015 guys, and a lot of Nigerian men are ‘falling hand’. There are too many backward thinking Nigerian men out there to let the progressive ones like us to shine and find a hardworking, financially secure woman. I have no problem in marrying a multi-millionaire. If I could right now I would go down on one knee and propose to Ms. Ikeji.

Men who don’t want to have rich wives are stupid. So as a broke guy you want to marry a broke woman so that you guys can create a poor family? That is sickening. That should be against the law. As a matter of fact Buhari should create a law that says a poor woman cannot marry a poor man and vice versa. How can we distribute national wealth when paupers are marrying paupers? Only a man who loves garri without sugar wouldn’t want to marry Linda Ikeji.

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As guys we hail gigolos for sleeping with grannies just for money, so why should we be afraid to marry women who are richer than us? Maybe it’s because money = power, and even the poorest of men want to be in charge.

Don’t get me wrong, every man should have an ego. The male ego is good 9 out of 10 times. This case is one where an ego is not needed. If you think marrying Linda Ikeji or someone of equal status will diminish you as a man then you are a fool. Marry a woman with a lot of money. Who doesn’t want to marry Oprah?

Women are caring and nurturing creatures. A rich wife will do a whole lot to see her husband financially secure. She will invest in his business; give him money and a car or two to move around with. Doesn’t this sound like heaven? Yes she might control you, but which wife in Nigeria does not control her husband. There are varying degrees but every wife can control her husband. Also, in the bedroom order is restored. No matter how powerful a woman is in the boardroom she will be dominated in the bedroom.

And feminists don’t balk at the notion of men marrying rich women just because of their money. Women in Nigeria do this all the time and they are not crucified for it. I am still waiting for a feminist to criticize women who marry for money. What is good for Greece is good for Uganda. Men should marry rich women for their money too. They will be caring and supportive. Who doesn’t want a financially supportive woman in these hard times? It is better to be a rich slave than a poor king.

Please one more last thing, where is this Banana Island sef? I have someone that I want to propose to ASAP.

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