Weve always loved the collaborations between Wizkid an Tiwa Savage as it shows how talented these superstars are.

But lately, it's being more than just collaborations as it has been from too to close for comfort gestures to flooded timelines of photos on birthdays to even kisses on stage. We want to share with you a close look at this new found 'close friendship' between Wizkid and Tiwa Savage.

1. The first collaboration

The very first time Tiwa Savage and Wizkid got on the set to shoot a video which was 'Bad' from Tiwa's second album 'Red' it wasn't just your everyday collaboration as we saw these guys sing together like they understood each other. The vibes were so obvious and at that time we all just thought, well...maybe this is just two amazing talented people working on a song together.

2. Yet again another song together

When we got to see the video for the song 'Malo' from Tiwa Savage's EP, 'Sugarcane,' featuring Wizkid, the chemistry between these guys was just so glaring. This was coming at a time where any song Tiwa made became a hit. But you had to see they way Tiwa and Wizkid gave their 100% and it was different from their previous project. Let's not say there was a sexual vibe going on but it was glaring that they weren't just collaborating on a song but doing it as close friends.

3. Attending Ushbebe's comedy show together

Some might say, well, they just shared a table at the event or it was just a mere coincidence but it didn't look like that as they both came for Ushbebe's March 2018 comedy show as very close friends, dancing together to all the melodious tunes coming from the stage. They looked happy together and don't forget this was barely a few days after the rumours of Tiwa's husband, .

4. The more than usual birthday shout

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Ok guys, this was the part that kind of tipped everyone off suggesting that Tiwa Savage and Wizkid were more than friends. It was Tiwa's birthday on February 5, 2018, and as usual, everyone took out time to send out birthday wishes to the music star and then it was the turn of 'Starboy' him. Wizkid didn't post just one but he posted five of Tiwa Savage's photos on his Instagram page! And he even went as far as calling her his 'Queen' This is something that he has never done for any singer, while some people said it was because of their 'close friendship,' others were a bit skeptical about it.

5. The kiss at GidiFest

Then came the Gidifest which took place on Easter Friday March 30, 2018, where all party lovers and Lagos ballers where in attendance to celebrate one of the biggest events of the year. Among the music stars who turned up to perform on stage were Tiwa Savage and Wizkid. First to come on stage was Tiwa Savage who looked sexy as usual and was later joined on stage by Wizkid which received a lot of cheers for the fans.

Just when we thought it was going to be the usual collaboration, as usual, the unexpected happened as Wikid drew Tiwa Savage close to himself and gave her a very cute kiss on her chin! Yes guys if you think these are just mere signs of close friendship then how close are you to your friend of the opposite sex?