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The embattled Yoruba movie producer has granted another interview and this time he speaks about how the actress allegedly hurt him.

Egbegbe in an interview with Punch said he's still keeping to his last threat that no Yoruba movie producer must deal with Toyin Aimakhu or they will have themselves to blame and also made a new threat saying, he will deal with her wherever he sets eyes on her.

He said, "I am not on speaking terms with her any longer and whenever I lay my eyes on her, I won’t take it easy with her."

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He also shockingly revealed he and Aimakhu’s estrange husband, Adeniyi Johnson are friends and even greet when they spot each other.

"I don’t have any business with Niyi. Whenever we see each other, we are friendly."

undefined has been in the news a lot lately following her messy breakup with ex lover, Egbegbe.

In November 2015, Toyin Aimakhu started dating Seun Egbegbe as her marriage to Adeniyi Johnson started falling apart publicly.

Watch the movie producer talk about their sour relationship in video below: