Scott Disick may have gained a few more enemies since he was caught in the arms of an 18-year-old girl, but the model in question, Lindsay Vrckovnik, claims she's NOT dating the reality star and neither is she sleeping with him!

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According to TMZ, Lindsay is telling friends that she met the 32-year-old in NYC while traveling with a group of models. Scott followed the gang when they moved the party down to Miami.

The site adds that the blonde beauty actually has a boyfriend in her native Canada, and that the pictures of her with Scott, which she has since called "misleading," have caused problems between the two.

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The gossip site further reports that this also isn't the first time Lindsay and the father-of-three have met. They allegedly hung out in July during a party in Malibu.

We've gotta say, we don't blame her boyfriend for being upset that she posed half-naked with a man nearly twice her age!

Who wouldn't?