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The singer shared the photos via his Instagram page, today, April 6, 2016, almost two weeks after himself and his brothers, Paul and Jude Okoyeresolved their month long fued.

Amongst those pictured in the photos alongside Peter, aka Mr P, his new manager, Olatunde Micheals, his choreographer, DonFlexx and others.

Peter who had revealed that he had a solo performance in Dubia set for April 7th and 8th, during his brief break from his brothers and partners, seems to be seeing the plan through.

He shared a shared a photo of himself and the group at the International airport, Lagos, as he commented:

"Dubai we r on our way to You! Tomorrow and Friday would be on a lockdown! #MrP #MisterP Cc @donflexx @oluwagerald @gizzleofpsquare @olatundemichaels legoo!"

On another selfie, Peter wrote:

"Positive vibes only! Dubai in a min. .. #MrP #MisterP."

Following their reconciliation, it had been assumed that the brothers would be back to business as usual but Peter continuous usage of his new name, Mr P, tells a whole different story.

Wonder if his brothers are in agreement with this move.

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