A top lawyer exclusively tells Hollywood Life that the 31-year-old could be divorced by Autumn 2016 if she gets a move on the process.

Kardashian is reportedly making threats to leave the former NBA star for good since he won't stop partying again. The reality star filed for divorce in 2014 but called it off in October after Odom's near fatal overdose.

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"Because Khloe’s original divorce case is ‘dismissed,’ she’s going to have to start her entire divorce proceedings over,” Family Law Attorney Steven Mindel tells the site. "If they want to divorce, either Khloe or Lamar has to refile.” Since Lamar reportedly does not want the divorce to happen, it looks like it will be up to Khloe to get this done.

"For celebs, they usually have business managers to work out a settlement and at that time, everything will be filed at once. The courts will allow them to settle any financial arrangements immediately," Steven added, noting that the business managers will likely hammer out a deal between the both of them when it comes to money.

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The lawyer claims, if they can get all of this done, "After six months and one day, they will be divorced officially. Under California law, it takes six months and one day for parties to be officially divorced after filing and serving the other party."

This means, Khloe could be single again by October 2016 if she wants to!