Being called barren on social media, undergoing IVF treatments and other things Banky W and wife Adesua Etomi said at the Waterbrook Church

Banky W and Adesua revealed a lot about their struggles and the miraculous arrival of their baby.

Banky W and Adesua Etomi gave a powerful sermon at the Waterbrook Church in Ikoyi (Instagram/Adesua Etomi)


Our favourite celebrity couple Banky W and his wife, Adesua Etomi, had a session at their church, the Waterbrook Church in Ikoyi, Lagos, where they spoke about their struggles with conception and the miraculous arrival of their baby boy.

Their session was a special Easter Service at the church, which happened on Sunday, April 4, 2021.

A video of the session has been shared on Youtube and some of the things they revealed about their struggles have since gone viral.

The couple revealed a lot in that almost an hour session, and with this article, Pulse succinctly writes on seven things they said.

Adesua spoke of the constant trolling she got on social media during the two and a half years before she and her husband welcomed their first child.

She first spoke of the constant disappointment every month after seeing her period and while dealing with that, she was constantly getting trolled on social media.

"On social media, I heard all sorts," she said.

The couple said they saw rumours of Adesua being barren and Banky being impotent.

"The internet kind of gives people the opportunity to pass their pain onto others," Banky added.

The couple revealed that they did In vitro fertilization (IVF) twice. For those who don't know, IVF is a process of fertilizing an egg with a sperm outside of the body.

Couples who are having challenges bearing children are often encouraged to seek IVF treatment.

Adesua gave a shoutout to women who have gone through IVF.

"I know what you have gone through, I have veins in my hands that no longer work, IVF is a very tasking thing, physically, mentally, it is very tough," she said.

A revelation that has since trended on social media, the couple revealed that Adesua got pregnant with twins from the IVF treatment, but unfortunately, they lost them.

"I remember collapsing on the floor wailing," Adesua said.

After losing the twins, Banky and Susu had another attempt at IVF, which didn't work. They also received a slew of negative diagnoses. Doctors said that she had Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which causes women to skip menstrual periods and make it harder for them to get pregnant.

Doctors also said Banky's sperm morphology was off, while Adesua's ovarian reserve was said to be too high-which might make her reach menopause earlier than usual.

After all these diagnoses, the couple decided to stop any other treatment and wait on God.

From the session, it is evident that Banky W and his wife Adesua are both strong Christians. They spoke on some principles which led them to their miracle, that is, their baby.

"My wife and I, we live a life of giving, we give to God, we give to building his kingdom, we give to the poor. We don't loud it but we try to live a life of giving," the singer and actor said.

So while they were going through stuff, they were giving, and they had to sell off their third car to help the church's building project.

While waiting on God, the couple decided to join Nathaniel Bassey's Hallelujah Challenge-a praise and worship movement on Instagram by the ace Nigerian gospel singer.

Adesua said she danced for an hour every single day in the bathroom. "I was just in a place of faith and trust, knowing that his plans are better than ours," she said.

The session was an emotional one, and Banky at the end threw in a joke to calm everyone.

So while they were waiting on God, they decided to do an ovulation test to when getting pregnant is most likely.

When they got the smiley stick-which means she was ovulating and pregnancy was possible at that time-Banky W joked that he and his wife had marathon sex for 48 hours.

"Ladies and gentlemen, as soon as I saw the green light, 48 hours marathon filled with the holy spirit," he joked.

"Please, I'm married, I can say it. We did it over and again. By the fourth time, madam was saying I'm tired, I said let's just do the tired one," he added.


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