Seaman's Schnapps inspires a journey of blessings with new campaign

May 24th 2023, 3:36:27 pm


L-R: Lead Account Management, 7even Interactive Ltd, Gloria Emeh; Head of Strategy, 7even Interactive Ltd, Obasi Samuel; Senior Brand Manager, Schnapps, Grand Oak Limited, Adebowale Bojuwade; Director, Mainstream Business, Grand Oak Limited, Olofin Olubusuyi; and Marketing Manager, Mainstream Business, Grand Oak Limited, Gbemileke Lawal during the media parley briefing in Lagos

The insight behind the campaign stems from the understanding that blessings, whether big or small, are sought after by everyone for their ability to enhance hope and bring about spiritual uplifting.

Seaman’s Schnapps firmly believes that spirituality transcends race, gender, and age, making blessings a shared aspiration for all as blessings are subjective and can be influenced by individual or communal factors such as age, tribe, and more.

While people often associate blessings with landmark moments such as childbirth, weddings, or career milestones, Seaman’s Schnapps wants to remind everyone that everyday situations, such as good health, safety, and the ability to afford basic needs, are also blessings worthy of gratitude, especially during challenging economic times.

Through the Unlock Your Blessings campaign, Seaman’s Schnapps aims to cultivate a sense of gratitude among people of all ages and demographics, sensitising them to the blessings that surround them.


The campaign encourages individuals to find their path towards being blessed by recognising and celebrating the small wins and day-to-day joys that make life remarkable.

Seaman’s Schnapps recognises the significant role spirituality plays in human existence, and the brand has always been a conveyor of blessings, seeking to enhance the hope and spiritual uplifting of individuals and communities in a lasting and meaningful way.

Disclosing all these during a chat with select newsmen in Lagos last week, Senior Brand Manager of Grand Oak, Adebowale Bojuwade, said, "This campaign aligns perfectly with our mission to provide spiritual upliftment and serves as an enabler of blessings in the lives of our consumers."

He added that by fostering a positive mindset and acknowledging the small wins in everyday life, we aim to inspire gratitude, hope, and a greater sense of well-being among our audience.

"The campaign also beautifully captures the essence of gratitude and hope, reminding us all to appreciate the blessings, big and small, that surround us. By encouraging a positive mindset and celebrating everyday joys, Seaman’s Schnapps is empowering individuals to unlock the path towards greater blessings and fulfilment."

Seaman’s Schnapps, known for its celebratory, cultural, and trans-generational brand, has firmly established itself as the market leader and a significant player in the Nigerian Spirit Market.

Passed down from one generation to another, Seaman’s Schnapps has played a vital role in preserving Nigerian values, traditions, and culture. The brand has provided spiritual upliftment during milestone occasions and accomplishments, serving as a symbol of our shared heritage.

The Unlock Your Blessings campaign invites everyone to join the movement and embrace the idea that blessings are abundant in our lives.

By celebrating everyday miracles and expressing gratitude for the blessings we encounter, we unlock the path to greater joy and fulfilment.



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