The New York Forum Africa– the gathering of business and political leaders in Libreville - has entered its third day.

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With participants and panelists already engaging in informative, intense and collaborative sessions in the last three days, there is no doubt that a road map for individual businesses as well as national policy-makers has been drawn up for action.

Already, the announcement of the kick-off of low airline model around Africa by Fly Air was made by South African industrialist, Ivor Ichikowitz, who said the idea was conceived in Gabon during one of the editions of The New York Forum AFRICA 2015.

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As the event enters its third day, one of the memorable quotes that have stuck with participants during the programme was that of Melissa Cook, the founder and Managing Director, African Sunrise Partners and President Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa.

In her words while discussing about investing in Africa and creation of jobs, Cooks said, ‘Young people should look at businesses headed by Africans who are coming back from abroad.’

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Another speaker, who pointed out the strength of Africa is Lionel Zinsou, Premier Ministre (Benin) while speaking with Elizabeth Tchoungui.

Zinsou said, what many people do not see aside the oil, manganese or gold that we have is our culture which is very strong.

Interestingly, the New York Forum Africa is the only pan-African business summit to be held in Africa in 2015.