About New York forum Africa

The New York Forum Africa is the African edition of the New York forum. it was established with the conviction that business has arrived at a crossroad. It is crucial to send a strong optimistic message about the world economy’s future, to work towards redefining corporate governance, to create long-term value, and to re-invent business models through uniting all economic stakeholders.

Where will the New York Forum Africa take place?

The New York Forum Africa will take place at the “Stade de l’Amitié sino-gabonaise” in Libreville, Gabon.

What are the key areas covered

The New York Forum AFRICA will examine areas of growth, and the investment opportunities.

How should I register?

You can register directly on their website.

How do I receive an official letter of invitation?

We will send you an official letter once we receive the following pieces of information:

- A clear scanned copy of your passport.

- A copy of your e-ticket.

- The personal code you received by email after registering online.

Please send this information to: Frederic.danvin@richardattiasassociates.com and copy: registration@ny-forum.com

What is the registration fee?

The New York Forum Africa is an invitation-only event with no registration fee.

For additional information visit their website