Frank urged Oyegun to let the law take its cause rather than make statements that will further cause tension in the party.

The APC chieftain said “That the chairman of the ruling Party will grant an interview on his personal opinion and asserting it to be the decision of the party, can at best be described as unfortunate and a carefully mapped out plan to rubbish the current trial of the Senate President.

“It is on record, that there hasn’t been any NEC , NWC , BOT or Caucus meeting of the party were such decision was taking to abandon the Senate President to his fate. This move undoubtedly proves once more, that the Chairman is acting on an already prepared script to incarcerate and make the Senate President pay for his disobedience for not adhering to the party’s decision in contesting for the seat of the Senate Presidency.”

Frank also asked members of the party and the public to disregard the comments made by Oyegun regarding Saraki’s trial, adding that they were his personal opinions and not the official stand of APC.

He also said Oyegun’s comments have given credence to the insinuations that Saraki’s trial is politically motivated.

“Instead of allowing the court to take its course in finding the Senate President guilty, having utilised his fundamental rights as enshrined in our constitution of the legality of his trial at the tribunal, one would have wondered the hurry in Chief Oyegun’s assertions.

“The chairman must be reminded of the role played by Senator Saraki in the emergence of the ruling party and if Chief Oyegun in all honesty believes that Senator Saraki should be the scapegoat for the ruling party, owing to his confirmation of bias in the ongoing trial of the senate president, then indeed the chairman has to be reminded that history has its way of repeating itself and reminding those who take it for granted when it beckons.”

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“Chief Oyegun, must note that every member of the APC has put in their utmost best in being a part of the party whilst driving the party legacy in all ramifications. Sowing seeds of discord and not attending to pressing divisive party issues is bound to set the ruling party on a collision course. Admitting in itself that the party wouldn’t mind sacrificing the seat of the ruling party for the opposition PDP is to further confirm that the Chairman is set to upset the smooth governance of Mr President, by clamouring for an opposition Senate President to further distract the activities of the present administration,” Frank added.


The Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki is standing trial for an alleged false declaration of assets.

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