The lawmakers were caught on camera throwing objects and punches at each other.

The suspension was announced by the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly, Godiya Akwashiki.

“13 lawmakers and me have voted in support of a motion moved for the suspension of the six lawmakers who misbehaved during our sitting on Monday,” he said.

“They are Kassim Mohammed-Kassim (APC-Akwanga South), Murtala Sodangi(APC-Nasarawa Central), Mohammed Okpoku (APC-Udege/ Loko, Musa Ali(APC-Keffi East), Makpa Malla (APC-Wamba) and Abubakar Kana (APC-Kokona West).

“These lawmakers are suspended from the house indefinitely without salary and allowances over their misconduct,” he added.

The legislators were said to have resorted to physical combat when a disagreement occurred over the appointment of sole administrators for 11 local government councils in the state.


Watch video report of the incident below: