The PDP Chairman made the comments during a recent interview with ThisDay.

“So many factors contributed to Jonathan’s failure to win the elections… I know that arrogance was one of such issues and I also know that some of our party men and women sold out,” Sheriff said.

“I may not be able to tell you everything now, but it is an open secret that even his own men worked against him. By the time we went into that election, so many things had happened which served as warning signals of failure, but they were ignored.

“If I were in charge, things would have been different. You can see even for the few weeks that we took charge; we have begun changing the old order of doing things.

“If I were in charge, I would not have allowed our members, especially people who control strategic states with large voting population, to move out of the party massively in the build up to the elections," he added.

Sheriff also described himself as a popular member of the party despite the mass opposition to his appointment as chairman.

Many PDP members were against Sheriff’s emergence due to allegations that he had links with Boko Haram.


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