In a protest of sorts over Poland's restrictive laws against terminating pregnancies, Dutch campaigners used a drone to fly abortion pills into Poland.

The group, Women on Waves, flew the aircraft from Germany into Poland where two Polish women were waiting and took the pills which are used to induce a miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy.

The drone took off from the town of Frankfurt an der Oder and flew across the River Oder to the Polish border town of Slubice.

In a statement issued online, the group said:

"After the drones left, the German police tried to intervene but the drone pilots were able to safely land the drones at the Polish side. The German police confiscated the drone controllers and personal iPads.They pressed criminal charges but it is totally unclear on what grounds. The medicines were provided on prescription by a doctor and both Poland and Germany are part of "

According to BBC, Women on Waves has sent abortion boats to countries with strict abortion laws - including Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Poland - sparking protests from anti-abortion groups.

Abortion was legal in Poland in the Communist era, but outlawed in most cases in 1993, and is only permitted in cases of rape or incest, in cases of irreversible foetal malformation, or if the mother's life is at risk.

The resurgent Catholic Church supported the move in 1993 to outlaw terminations in most cases and the drone operation has been described by the conservative Catholic daily Nasz Dziennik as a "drone of death"

According to the paper, during the Nazi occupation of World War II, Germany proposed destroying Poland by promoting abortion and contraception,"

However the pro-abortion group, Women on Waves argues that Poland's restrictive laws simply drive women into undertaking risky back-street abortions.

They also add that even women who are legally entitled to end their pregnancies are sometimes refused treatment by doctors and hospitals.