Afia Efere Soup (White Soup)

Today, we present to you another mouthwatering and healthy food that is very popular among the Calabar people. (White Soup), is a light Efik soup which is traditionally cooked without palm oil. Essentially, goat meat or chicken is used in its preparation and hence, it is often called “afiaefereebot” (White soup with Goat), or “afiaefereunen”, (White soup with Chicken.” Fresh fish can also be used with a sprinkle of Okra. The soup is gradually gaining reputation in the country and many other tribes have keyed into it. ‘AfiaEfere’ is best eaten with Pounded Yam.


Fresh Goat meat

Smoked Fish

Stock Fish

Fresh Okra (sliced) - Optional

Ground Crayfish

Pounded yam

Fresh chilies

Uziza Leaves

Uyayak pod



Salt to taste

How to prepare ‘Afia Efere’ Soup

To set the stage the stage for the preparation of your delicious wash and cut your goat meat into even size pieces. Season with salt, pepper, sliced onions, and boil for 30minutes or until soft and tender. Add the washed fish, stock fish, chopped chilies, okra and ground crayfish. Break the uyayak pod into small pieces and add to the pot. Slice the Uziza leaves into tiny pieces and sprinkle them into the pot. Cover and cook for 15minutes. Mould the pounded yam into small rounds and drop into the soup to slightly thicken it. When your light soup is ready, serve hot with Pounded yam.

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