Why s*x with the same person can get mind-numbingly boring

March 9th 2023, 1:11:53 pm

Heres why sex gets boring after a while.

Why sex gets boring after a while [Prodad]

Have you ever wondered where the sexual attraction and spark in your relationship or marriage have disappeared? When you first met each other, you could barely keep your hands off each other. Now you wonder where all the passion has gone.

Some people believe that sex with one person gets boring because humans are inherently polygamous.

According to the latest projections, barely three to five per cent of the roughly 4,000 mammal species on Earth engage in monogamy and humans are not part of the three to five per cent. The desire for something new and different always lurks on the surface.


Fights and arguments about other issues might lead to resentment which would translate to disinterest in sex.

When a person stays away from sex, especially after their partners have asked repeatedly, it might also lead to resentment.

Someone with ADHD could be hypersexual and gradually less interested in their relationship and more interested in porn. According to Healthline, hypersexuality brought on by ADHD can sever relationships between partners who no longer share the same desire or at least the frequency of the desire.

Pain during vaginal penetration might cause people to postpone having intercourse. Women mostly prefer a lot of foreplay.

Plus, many married people get so busy with life, work, and raising children that they do not want to have sex with their long-term partners.

Certain mental health issues, like anxiety and sadness, can also show up in the bedroom. A research found a link between worsening depression symptoms and a decline in sexual and romantic satisfaction.

The less you can sleep, the less you want to have sex, which unsurprisingly, sex helps you sleep. Increased sexual function was linked to decreased sleep from insomnia, according to a study involving more than 93,000 participants.

The study found that women in longer relationships are four times more likely than those in short-term relationships to not care about having a passionate night. In contrast, men's libido does not wane as fast over time.

This means that women are more likely to see a sharp decline in their libido.

Temi Iwalaiye
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