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Ways to get your wife in the mood - Tips for husbands

January 21st 2022, 10:00:00 am

Most men find it challenging to get their wives in the mood, and it can be a real turn-off.

Ways to get your wife in the mood - Tips for husbands

When you barely have intercourse with your partner, it can make you both grow apart, and you lose that romantic connection you once shared. Below are some proven ways men can seduce their wives and help them have sex more.

1. Talk to her

The physical urge to have sex is actually fueled by an emotional connection which is why it is essential to talk to your partner. If your partner has any kinks, it can help you know what she likes and give her the best sex possible.

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Spend some time to figure out what is going on in her head during sex and tap into it. Learn her fears and insecurities so you both can deeply connect on an emotional level.

2. Take load off her mind

Women find it hard to get in the mood, let alone enjoy intercourse because they usually have a million things going on in their minds. These things include tasks that need to be completed, chores, conversations with family and friends, and many other things.

First, help her complete her pending tasks during the day so she'll have time for you. Then help her process her feelings by asking about what's on her mind and helping her resolve them.

3. Spend time with the kids

Make a habit of playing and spending time with the kids because your wife loves the kids more than anything. When she sees you showing so much love to the kids, it'll reignite the love she has for you.

It's not about taking responsibility for the kids so she'll have more time (although that is a nice idea); it is about emotional bonding. In addition, when you share the children's weight with her, she'll have more time for you.

4. Show gratitude

Men struggle to give compliments, but letting your wife know how much you appreciate and care for her goes a long way in turning her on. Look for an area where your wife has been doing an excellent job, be it taking care of the kids or her body, and appreciate her.


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