How long should you be in a relationship for before getting tired of your partners indecision concerning walking down the aisle?

For some, the decision to tie the knot is not as important as the strong relationship and connection being created while the relationship/courtship is ongoing. For this set of people, it does not necessarily matter that the relationship has been ongoing for a long time, being together, living their best life and staying true to each is enough. Wedding and a marriage will come somewhere down the line. No qualms.

Vlogger, Toke Makinwa does not subscribe to this opinion and that is what she talks about in the most recent video posted on her Yotube channel.

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Toke says any relationship that should transform into a marriage should not last beyond two and a half years, and at most, three years.

Citing P Diddy and Cassie who broke up after dating for 11 years as example, Toke explains the inappropriateness of dating for too long without walking down the aisle at some point. She says three years is enough time to know all there is to know about someone, and with that knowledge, people should already know whether they want to be with that partner forever or not.

Refusing to make up your mind after this is simply "taking the piss"  she says.

Check the clip above to hear Toke address the issue.