Off the back of their new, jointly-produced movie, "She Is", Waje and Omowunmi visit Pulse, and during the visit, the talented and fun-to-be-with women give us so many laughs, take time to shed light on some important life phenomena such as friendship, while also expressing their honest views on romance, relationships, marriages and the best ways to go about finding love that does not just work momentarily, but really stands the test of time.

The new movie -"She is" - features the two singers alongside Somkele IdhalamaDesmond Elliot and a host of other celebrated actors, and actually contains important love lessons that are hugely relevant to modern dating patterns and how millennials seek, express and appreciate love.

Omawumi at 'She Is' movie premiere [PULSE]

Omawunmi on the beauty of dating for the right reasons

One of such key lessons is the importance of dating and being in a relationship for the right reasons; reasons that are not motivated by personal or external pressure, or other factors not rooted in good reason.

“You must make sure that you find yourself in relationships for the right reasons. When it comes to relationships especially long-term relationships that might end up in marriage, you can’t enter because of say he fine… you can’t enter because of say e get money.

“Money good o but if you get money you get nonsense character, e still no go sweet,” Omawumi says.

Better to be single and lead a fulfilling life than date for the wrong reesons, Omawunmi says. [Credit: Peathegee Inc] Getty

Waje speaks on whether or not one's chances reduces when they wait for a long time before getting into a relationship

On the relationship between age, waiting for the right one, and the possibility that the dating pool will shrink while one waits for the ideal partner that really complements them, Waje’s opinion is that people overrate relationships and the role they play in creating full, happy lives for individuals.

“Life is not really about being with someone. It’s about understanding your purpose and your destiny. If someone comes along, then it happens,” she explains.

“[Having a partner] is like a dessert. It’s not the [main dish,] she states jokingly as she and her bestie’s faces light up in another round of bubbly, infectious laughter that punctuates most of the interview.

Once the joke passes and the laughter dies down, Waje continues her train of thought, adding that:

“You can be in a relationship because you don’t want anyone to castigate you… and that’s for the wrong reason. I feel like when the time comes, it comes.

Dating is all about waiting for the right person, the right opportunity, Waje believes. [Credit: Waje]

"It’s better that you just wait for the best opportunity and, you know, be with someone rather than testing… you know, 50 people and still...” Omawunmi cuts in at this point and Waje’s words fade out amidst the roar of laughter and various words being muttered at the same time.

Still, one gets the point clearly; Waje believes, and correctly so, that dating intentionally trumps dating just for the fun of it, or just for the satisfying a curiosity.

Waje concludes that: “Nobody is going to put a gun to your head if you are single as long as you are fulfilled within yourself. That is what is important.”

And we absolutely couldn’t agree more.