Simi and Adekunle Gold finally tie the knot and lay all questions about their relationship to a final rest.

But the doubters could not have been said to be entirely wrong for doubting their togetherness. Despite all what was seen, said, suggested, guessed about them, there was never a certain confirmation of an ongoing relationship from either of them. Neither was there a denial all through.

The only confirmation we have is of their wedding ceremony, and apparently, even that would be unknown to anyone if it was left to them.

The affection shared by the pair on-stage and off it seemed to attest to an ongoing relationship. The firm, unshaking support for each other’s careers also to pointed in the direction of an ongoing romance.

At the end of Simi Live in Lagos 2018 concert, for example, many fans and concert goers had been displeased because the singer had taken to the stage really late and they were already expressing their displeasure and disappointment on social media.

What did Adekunle Gold do? The ‘Ire’ singer hopped on to Instagram to post an adorable clip taken of Simi before the show began, and accompanied it with soothing words to calm her down. Simi’s response was to say that she loved him back so “f**king much.”

Up until their wedding day in January 2019, there was no confirmation or denial of their affection and there was still a chance that they were really just playing with fans - something like what Wizkid and Tiwa Savage seem to be doing.

Here's the thing about this whole Simi and Adekunle Gold love business: the fact that they were together all this while, yet leaving us with nothing but conjectures and guesses concerning their relationship and what possibly goes on in it is really impressive, and absolutely worthy of emulation, especially for lovers who like to keep things on the low.

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For couples who hope to keep their relationship as private and as low key as possible, Simi and Adekunle’s can serve as a model for how to focus on what counts most, while leaving out the not-so-necessary willingness to share all moments, all aspects and phases of your relationship.

In a period where people can barely put a lid on what to share and to not share, in this period where private lives are really not so private any more, it is refreshing that they are managing to do just that.

Apart from the chemistry and all the affectionate, almost sexual embraces we see from them during their many joint performances, not much can be said to be known about their relationship - nor marriage, it'd seem. And we must add that what we see on stage is actually what they want us to see - no more.

That is the very kind of attitude that every couple should have towards their relationship – knowing where to draw a line between being in a relationship with one partner and making same a community project which everyone seems to know everything about!

Relationships work better when two partners put themselves first and above everyone else's opinions and feelings. Anyone different from the couple is a third party and the amount of stuff those other people should know about the relationship has to be controlled to an extent decided by the couple.

What goes on in your relationship is 100% between you and your partner. That is one of the reasons why it is called an exclusive relationship. People do not need to know anything, except those you choose to include in the journey and even at that, there is usually a line to never cross.

Jay Z and Beyonce are a celebrity couple who understand this so well and as already explained in this piece here, they are private marriage goals.

Simi and Adekunle Gold are another pair that look to have perfected this system in their relationship and if you ever need a model for a private relationship, looking to them does not look like a bad idea now, does it?

Oh by the way, happy married life to them once again!


This article was first published on December 10, 2018, and has only been updated to reflect the status of Adekunle Gold and Simi, who at the time of this update, just became man and wife.