Signs that you disrespect your partner even if you think you don’t

Undermining your partner all the time will cause issues sooner or later.

Signs that you disrespect your partner even if you think you don’t [Credit - iStock]

A relationship which sees both partners mutually respecting each other will likely go a very long way. With respect flowing from one partner to another, with both people considering each other and doing their best to not undermine the other person, it’s not difficult to imagine the relationship standing a chance for the long haul.

On the flipside, undermining the other person regularly will cause animosity and bitterness to creep into the relationship.

And here’s the thing about disrespect; sometimes, it is cloaked as ‘helping’ the other person. You could honestly believe, sometimes, that you are doing your partner a favour, or trying to help them, whereas it could actually be a disrespectful thing to do.

Here are 5 instances where you may be disrespecting your partner without knowing it:

And most of the time, your opinion on the matter is not positive.

You are either making them feel like they’re making unhealthy food choices, or making the wrong friends or taking on issues in the wrong manner. And that’s not so good, according to Antonia Hall, a psychologist and relationship expert: “trusting your partner to adult themselves is well worth the peace it’ll bring to your relationship.”

It is one thing to question someone’s choices, and it is another to absolutely block them from doing their things how they deem fit.

Stef Safran, matchmaking and dating expert, tells Bustle that if you have a mentality that things have to be done in your way at all times, you could be belittling the other person.

“You may like the dishwasher loaded one way or to clean using a certain cleaning product. The reality is, while you may be ‘right,’ you may also be belittling your partner. Be sure to be flexible and understand that both ways can work,” she says.

Healthy compromises are OK in relationships and that is one of the things to foster in your relationship as opposed to saying things like ‘my way or the highway.’

Even when the ideas are inapplicable or when you have a better one, you can’t afford to make them feel dumb for proffering the answer in the first place.


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