Dear Bukky,

There is this girl I chased for a whole last year. She did not reject me or anything, she just kept saying she was not ready for a relationship.

On 30th December, however, I decided to test her resolve again and she accepted me as her boyfriend.

My problem now is that she rarely calls or initiates any conversation with me on WhatsApp as she used to do when we were just friends.

She says she feels the same way I do about her and really loves me but I don't know what she's afraid of.

Please what I can do have full her attention and have her open up to me?

I’m starting to wonder if she’s maybe starting to like someone else all of a sudden.____________

Dear reader,

I think you might be overreacting just a little bit.

There’s really nothing to worry about. The relationship is just about three weeks old and maybe all she needs is just time to settle into it.

Being friends with her before now should have maybe helped to take away the awkwardness but some women are just shy like that and need a little time to get used to the new phase the relationship has just moved to.

If she still gives you the positive vibes she had always given you before you became a couple, then you have nothing to worry about.

Don’t let these teething troubles cause you to lose the beauty of what’s to come.

Just go with the flow for now. I bet she’ll get used to being your girlfriend and begin to act accordingly pretty soon.

In any case, never forget that communication remains the way forward. Don’t hesitate to communicate with her when you should.______________

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