Nobody says your wedding has to be only about a church service and an old school reception. Today, weddings need to be spiced with exciting and creative ideas to entertain not just the guests but the couple and their families.

Funke Bucknor-Obruthe of Zapphaire Events, in her new wedding, party and lifestyle vlog series, 'Funke Says',  dishes on some of the simple and creative ways a wedding could be made full of fun and interesting activities, yet with not so such spent.

For couple ready to have the wedding of the year, here are some fun things you could introduce before, during and after your wedding to keep it "dope!"

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Before Wedding Day

1.) Pre-wedding photoshoot: This is so creative for modern day wedding. You could travel to beautiful  or crazy places for the session with your partner. Even though it's not a must do pre-wedding activity, it’s a fun way of creating memories.

2.) Pre-wedding video: Couples could create a docuseries which will capture the pre wedding activities. Others (family and close friends) could also be filmed as they talk about the couple, where they met, how you met etc.

3.) Engagement or rehearsal dinner: This allows the couple to bond with family and friends. For those who do large weddings, this pre-dinner is a means to mingle with guests and even talk intimate things about the bride and groom. All little secrets about the couple could be shared at the dinner.

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Wedding Day

1.) Have a dance: It's always fun to dance especially during the wedding reception. A dance off could be organized. The bride and groom could surprise themselves with a dance they've secretly rehearsed for each other.

2.) Introduce games: Play games on your big day. For instance, shoe games, intimate games and trivia game for guests. It's interactive and entertaining.

3.) Create some special effects at the venue like bubbles,  crazy photo booth session. Platforms could be created where guests could win something for the day. A special hashtag with the couple's name could be used on social media on the wedding day to help it trend.

4.) Performances: Have guest stars to perform at your wedding and your pre-wedding dinner. Its always fun having celebrities on stage or amid the guests during weddings.

5.) After-party: Make sure to have a fantastic fabulous after- party for your wedding. It's perfect for your age group to have their own special time with the couple without the respectful eyes of the elderly.

6.) Appreciate your parents, brides maids and groomsmen: You could give your parents a special thank you speech accompanied with a little gift which could include a bouquets of flowers or travelling tickets. You could also pen them a little note pf appreciation just like for your grooms men and brides maids.

7.) Dance with parents: A special dance with the parents is usually very emotional and captivating during weddings. For the bride, it could be daddy's favorite song . You could choreograph a dance with parents.

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Fun things at weddings doesn’t have to be about millions.  Just think of something to keep your wedding exciting and memorable.