Mother’s Day: 5 women who lost their mums tell us what they miss about them

March 19th 2023, 2:30:41 pm

On Mothers day 2023, those who have lost their mums look back with fondness.

Mother-Daughter relationships

Some mothers may be gone, but they never really die; not when precious memories of them linger in the hearts of the children they left behind. Children who long to have just a few more conversations, one extra phone call, one more visit, a little more time with the women who sat and watched their infant heads while they slept in their cradle beds.

In today’s Mother’s day celebrations, we reached out to a few people who have lost their mums to tell us how days like this feel. Here’s what they told us

I lost my mum when I was about four so I really didn’t know her like that, not in a way someone would know their mum if they were around in their teenage years or 20s. But that’s also what makes me sad sometimes, not just on Mother’s day, but more generally.

I wish she’d lived longer, and that we had a chance to have an adult mother-daughter relationship. I often wonder if we would have been buddies. I’ve seen a few pictures of her. She was pretty and looked cool, so I think we would have been close. But I guess I’d never know. That missed opportunity is actually what saddens me.


This year makes it the second Mother’s day without my mum. In a way, I’m happy she saw my kids before she died. But with her gone now, I no longer have any female figure I can confide like I did her.

It’s not easy, I won’t lie. All I have now is my husband and a man’s perspective will never be good enough for when you need to speak with a woman, if you get what I mean.

What I miss most about my mum? Money. LOL. That woman was always there for me.

I could bank on her to come through when I have issues with my business, or even when I was in school. Generally sha, she was always that person you can always trust for financial assistance. Even my Dad says it; not having her around hurts especially when the things we used to rely on her for can no longer be done easily.

To be fair, I had a closer relationship with my dad and I suspect I’d have felt worse if I’d lost my dad instead of her. And that makes me feel guilty.

I actually didn’t see her demise coming. She just slept and never woke up. Maybe if she’d lived longer, old age would have softened her and we would have blended in the long run.

I do miss her fire jollof though. God rest your soul, mum.

Omo, I was a wreck when I lost my mum and I still cry for her regularly. We were so close. I am the last born so as you can expect, I was her baby. When I got the call from school that year, I wanted to run mad. But it doesn’t hurt as much anymore, even though I still miss her like crazy.

He regular phone calls, calling me to sort out issues with her Whatsapp and Facebook, reporting my brother and dad to me… I really miss that woman.

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