You could be with a man who is

Of course, that alone is never enough. To have a great relationship that is worth the time and effort, you would need to be with a man who is not weak.

Below we list the traits you will see in a man who is weak and therefore inappropriate for that kind of great relationship you are looking forward to building.

1. Ignores feelings

What makes this kind of guy really wrong is the way they do not only ignore your feelings, they ignore theirs too.

At the beginning, they may manage to express it and get you into the relationship somehow, but somehow they end up clamping up. They find it hard to communicate how they feel, or what they want. This breeds resentment and ruins the balance of your relationship.

Worse, they could also ignore how you feel, instead focusing only on how they feel and what they want. This could manifest also in selfish sex

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2. Clamps down on you

If he is not open to your individual growth, if he does not actively push you and support you to be better – whether in your character or career – he’s not particularly doing right. Strong men are not afraid of their women moving up in life and growing, even if it means they get to higher stations in life than them.

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3. Doesn’t respect boundaries

Does he try to check your phone at every turn and invades every bit of your privacy?

Yep? Well, only weak insecure men do that [unless, of course, you give him legit reasons to make a reasonable man bothered]

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4. Never takes blame

Most weak men blame other people because they never take responsibility for what they do. There is always something or someone to blame, but never them.

5. Aggressive, violent

Except when doing it as a form of much-needed self-defense, a man is never to hit his woman. This cannot be said enough. Communication, dialogue should be the way to resolve all disputes. Even when these do not work, there are other dispute resolution techniques that should never devolve to physical assault.

If worse turns to worst, leave the relationship. Better that than hitting and inflicting bodily harm to a woman you claimed to love, cherish and protect