How to have more sex as a married couple

March 15th 2023, 8:08:16 am

Your sex life might go downhill once you get married. How to make sure it doesnt.

Here's how to have a vibrant sex life as a married couple [Madamenoire]

When you were dating, every chance you got with each other was filled with passionate sex, but now it seems like you are just roommates or friends who live together. It even gets worse when kids enter the picture, here’s how to make sure your sex life is still steamy.

One way to keep yourself still attracted to your partner is by loving touches. Hug and kiss when you are leaving the house, pat each other on the buttocks, hold hands, and cuddle - even if you are not having sex. Touching your partner makes you associate them with endorphins.

Think of the wildest and nastiest things and try it out with your partner. Really? Why are you just doing one style every single time? Are you trying to bore each other? Have fun and be adventurous.


You are likely to have sex if you are stressed and overwhelmed by life and work, so you have to make sure you are well-rested and not stressed out all the time. Ship the kids off to friends and relatives and have weekends full of rest and sleep, put off your phone, and your laptop, and don’t go out and just sleep.

There is a popular joke that’s a caricature of Nike’s Logo, 'Just do it', It has Michael Jordan on the cover with the words, ‘Fuck them kids’ because sometimes that’s what you need to do to have some alone time. Ship the kids off somewhere and just be with your partner. Travel together, go on dates - without the kids.

Don't let your kids sleep on the same bed as you, even if they do fall asleep, take them to their room. Your bedroom should be a kids free zone.

Yes, you might actually forget to have sex and before you know it, one week turns to one month and then it’s been three months. Do you want to have sex once a week or twice? Which days will be convenient? Schedule it and put it in your reminders. There is the added benefit of increasing your anticipation; you might find yourself longing for it.

Resentment can burn out your sex life faster than anything else.

It’s okay to have different opinions and not see eye to eye on things, conflict is normal but what’s not normal is keeping malice with your spouse and engaging in passive-aggressive behaviour. Talk out issues and be okay with having differing opinions.

Temi Iwalaiye
Temi Iwalaiye is a lifestyle Reporter at Pulse. She loves to write - about anything and everything.


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