If a lot of good things can happen from something as simple as a “hello,” imagine the world of possibilities you will potentially be opening if you compliment someone and do it right.

Here’s what is more important than knowing how to compliment people; you need to know how to do it right! It is not enough to tell a pretty girl that she is pretty, she already knows that. You would need to do that and a whole lot more.

Below are 5 easy steps on how to compliment a woman you like.

1. Don’t be creepy

Never say something as blatantly creepy as “nice boobs” or “your jeans look to be stressing to hold in all of that ass!”

That may sound to you as some nice way of telling her that you admire her physical features, but that is all in your head. In real life, no one wants to hear that. Don’t do it!

Do I know you?

2. You’re beautiful always works

Even though there is nothing wrong with telling a babe that she’s beautiful, you necessarily do not have to say the exact words. The whole point is to let her know that you think she good looking. So it does not matter that used gorgeous, sexy, pretty, breathtaking or some other word, just let her know that you are blown away by her good looks.

Women never tire of hearing this especially if it is true.

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3. Compliment her on other things as well

When complimenting her, keep in mind that she is likely tired of comments on her physical appearance. So while should never fail to say something nice about her appearance, don’t dwell to much on it and do not forget to concentrate more on something more internal rather than the outside appearance.

Compliment her on her intelligence, wit, or sense of humour. More importantly, be original and ensure you are genuine about it.

Man and woman smiling happily

4. Don’t make it about you

As much as possible, take the word “I” out of your compliments. Even some of the tamest compliments could take sexual undertones when they start with “I.”

“I love that shirt” could be misinterpreted to mean you’re thinking naughty things about what’s under the shirt.

5. Always smile when delivering one

Remember, the purpose of a compliment is to make somebody feel better about themselves. Do it with a smile on your face and in a pleasant tone: don’t say it as if you had a gun to your head.