As far as parenting goes, mothers tend to get all the shine as they're the ones who have the special role of carrying, nursing and in some cases raising a child alone.

But the truth is fathers also have a very crucial role to play in the lives of their children, and even more so in the lives of their daughters.

Here are ways a healthy father-daughter relationship impart on a female:

1. Confidence: There's something very empowering about a father's unquestioning love of his daughter(s). In most cases, females who grow in the shadow of their father's love and support tend to become confident women who require very little validation from the male of species, and let's face it, there's nothing sexier than a confident female.

2. Crucial life lessons: From dating advice to knowing your way around a tool and even an appreciation of sports, fathers offer very many enduring life lessons that shape the girl child into a well-rounded woman.

3. Dating advice: Believe it or not, fathers can be very insightful offering some of the best dating advice you'll ever receive, because let's face it, they've been there and done that.

4. Independence: Many a modern day independent woman owes their self-reliance to the guidance and providence of their father, as they learn very early on not to rely on anyone for their needs - except daddy ofcourse.

5. Healthy competition: Fathers tend to foster in their daughters a need and appreciation for healthy competition whether it's in the classroom, sports field, boardroom or stage - just ask Serena Williams and Beyonce both of whom have credited their immense success to their fathers' drive.