When relationships come to an end, there are so many things that naturally come with such occurrence.

There is the issue of seeking closure, the issue of trying to numb the pain, and then there’s the matter of moving on in a classy way.

Once a breakup is complete and both partners have apparently moved on from that phase, there is obviously a high possibility that their paths will cross again and how they act in the circumstance vary from couple to couple.

What different ways do women handle breakups and heartbreaks.
What different ways do women handle breakups and heartbreaks.

If one partner feels uncomfortable being around his or her ex, would that signify the existence of romantic feelings for that ex?

While this is a possibility, it is not always the truth. Sometimes, being uncomfortable around an ex could be as a result of the situations surrounding the breakup.

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When it comes to moving on from a relationship, especially the type that hit really hard and broke you, and left you really hurt and damaged, there is a lot more involved. It would take more time, more tears, more effort and many times, the struggle would be reeeeeeeaaal.

For many men and women in a situation as this, getting out of that depressing phase could take so much toll on them that they vow to never want anything to with that ex anymore.

So what they would feel for their ex would be far from any romantic or amorous vibe. Their discomfort would be one that is generated by the anger, hate and malice that’d be brewing in them at that moment.

For some other people, there is usually still a sexual energy that refuses to die between them and their ex. For people like this, any discomfort would be from the restraint they would need to place on themselves in the circumstance, especially if they are in another exclusive relationship – or marriage.