You are probably still lonely because everything about you is a big turn off for

Having a well-sculpted body, pretty face, and fixed salary is not enough to get you into a woman’s good graces. Here are 5 things that turn girls on aside from the usual.

Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is a universal turn-on for women. Men who invest in grooming and also have impeccable fashion sense are presentable and commands respect.

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Wit and a sense of humor

Some women always to hang out with men who make her laugh all the time. A guy with a sharp sense of humor is a big turn-on for them.

A guy who knows how to cook

Men, who possess culinary skills are very sexy. Some women can’t help themselves as they watch him with his apron on and sleeves rolled up as he prepares dinner. Men who share house chores with their partners are worth keeping.


Women find men who initiate enlightening and insightful conversation very attractive. Dating a man who is well informed, versatile, outspoken, open-minded makes communication very easy.

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A good listener

Every woman loves a guy who clams up and pays close attention to her as she narrates the events during her day. Being a good listener is a sign you place an importance on what she wants to communicate no matter how petty.