In these days of uncertainty where nothing is sure, with regards to securing a good job, the importance of having a vocational skill or hand work cannot be overemphasize.

However, in as much as there are hundreds of them available to to acquire, we have succeeded in compiling some of the most profitable vocational skill anybody can benefit from.

Here are seven vocational skills that everyone should consider having

1. Graphic design

Graphic design has suddenly become the new wave in our world today. As a matter of fact, almost every industry is in need of a graphic designer.

From wedding cards, banners, business cards to web design, mobile app design and more, the services of a graphic designer go on and on.

However, you can always find time to learn graphic designing if you're interested in it and start making some cool cash for yourself.

2. Photography

Memories are priceless, and a good number of people love to create and keep memories; unarguably, this can only be done through photos.

However, it is important to note that there is a good market and demand for photographers in Nigeria.

If you could get yourself involved, you will be amazed at the costs of making photos and videos at weddings and other events.

And apart from weddings and other events, you can also become a freelance photographer, as well as selling your pictures online.

There are thousands of photographers showcasing their talents on the internet, there's room for you to become one.

3. Makeup

Although this should be limited to women as it is believed to be a woman's world, some guys have refused to let that opinion bar them from venturing into it.

The makeup industry is Nigeria has succeeded in distinguishing itself by making it possible for women to look charming at every point in time.

And because almost every woman wants to look good always, the makeup industry has become a lucrative one.

However, you can learn the art in few months and start generating income for yourself. And interestingly, its a kind of job that you can do to support yourself even if you're a student or working nine to five.

4. Digital marketing skill

Among many other things, social media has proven to be an effective marketing tool in today's society. Owing to this, it can be said that the importance of social media cannot be overemphasized.

As an effective vehicle for reaching millions of people simultaneously, there is a lot of money to be made on social media if it is properly harnessed.

Companies and brands are aware of this and have begun to make use of it by hiring digital marketers.

You can always get along by maximising your social media accounts today through learning how to market goods and services online.

All that is required of you is an internet connection, a mobile device or a laptop.

5. Fashion design

The fashion industry is counted among the industries with the highest rate of demand. As a matter of fact, the industry can be said to be an escape route for young Nigerians, from unemployment and poverty.

Though acquiring the skill is paramount, but the driving force here is passion.

Because with passion, acquiring the needed skill can be achieved with a year. And when enough skill is achieved, starting up your own tailoring shops and fashion lines becomes the next thing.

However, before you start doubting the possibility of you growing big in the industry, try to remind yourself that, just like everywhere else, consistency and self-determination is the key to successfulness.

6. Food services

Food is one of man's basic necessities, and there is an endless demand for it around the world.

It is wrong to start assuming that there can be too many food vendors, simply because, irrespective of social strata, every one of us needs food to survive.

One does not need to obtain a degree in food studies in other to own a fine dining restaurant. Just a few months of training is enough to make you a caterer.

As a matter of fact, a lot of young people have acquired training as chefs and have been able to build food brands that have earned them some fortune.

Interestingly, the majority of them even operate from the comforts of their home with the help of social media.

So, why not take advantage of this skill by acquiring it and start making money for yourself.

7. Manufacturing skills

It is a well-known fact that a lot of people that acquire vocational skills in the manufacturing trade are often hired to pass on the knowledge to another set of people or to work in manufacturing agencies.

On the other hand, some of them have moved on to manufacture their own products for sale.Examples of such Products include liquid soaps, bar soaps, ointments, balm, and detergents.

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