There are some lies that you have come to believe which has kept you so long in debt.

These lies make you feel comfortable with incurring debt which in the long run leaves you in a bad financial state.

You need to change the mindset you have about debts. Incurring debt will leave you totally broke if you do not find ways to get out of debt quick.

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Here are lies people in debt keep telling themselves and have somehow stuck with them.

1. Everyone has debt to pay

This is a very big lie. The truth is not everyone has a debt to pay and incurring debt is not a normal thing. Incurring debts will just leave you broke.

You need to change the notion that incurring debt is normal and everyone has one to pay.

2. You do not have enough money to get out of debt

This is another false claim. If you make money, then you can get out of debt. You do not need to wait till you are earning a lot to get out of debt.

There are some people who make enough money but still have debts to pay. So there's no point waiting till you start earning a lot before you sort out your debt.

The truth is if you have the habit of incurring debt now when you start earning more money, you will still be in the habit of owing.

3. I will pay it all at once

It is actually possible to pay all your debt all at once but this will definitely affect your finance which is why you would not pay it at the end of the day.

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So it is better to start an installment  payment until you are able to pay your debt all up rather than postponing the payment and accumulation of debt.

4. You only have one life to live

You actually only have one life to live but you don't have to spend all your life living in debt.

Living the good life is fun and all but if you think that enjoying the good life is all that matters, then you would get broke and be in debt quick. Which of course, you might not get out of quick.

5. I forgot to pay

The question is why would you have unpaid debt and your excuse would be you forgot you had debts to pay.

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If that is always your reason for not paying your debt then you might have a whole lot of unpaid debt which would accumulate overtime, leaving you broke.