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Due to the rise of unemployment rate in Nigeria, so many people have taken the bull by the horn and have become their own bosses.

But  the lack of sufficient funds makes it difficult for young entrepreneurs from achieving their business goals but there are lots of businesses you can start with little or no capital at all.

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Here are business you can start with little or no capital.

1. Event Planning

Event planning is a growing business venture in Nigeria. Nigerians love parties and events, keying into this business won’t be a bad idea and it actually doesn’t require much.

As an event planner, your job is basically to plan events and get paid for doing so. The only thing you need to do is get different vendors for an event and make sure the event goes well all through.

You can start an event planning business by organizing mini-parties and event, making sure it goes well. Then as you grow you get to get more events to plan. The bigger the event, the bigger the pay.

2. Freelance writer

If writing is your hobby and you really love to write, then you can set up a business just based on creating contents for blogs, website and magazines and you get paid regularly.

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As a freelance writer, you really don’t need to have a huge capital. As long as you have the important things for writing online which is a laptop and internet connection., then you are good to go.

3. Social media influencer

Thanks to social media, you can become an influencer.

If you social media savvy, then you should consider becoming a social media influencer. Every business and brand today is going online to grow their business and they can’t do it alone without the help of someone who knows about social media platforms well.

If you have a good online presence, you really don’t need any capital to start up. With just a phone or laptop and good internet connection, you can become a social media influence

4. Event host

Lots of events happen every day which would need the service of an event host.

If you have the talent of speaking to a large crowd, being able to engage an audience, then you should think of starting an event hosting business. This business actually doesn’t need any capital. The only thing you is your ability to engage an audience.

5. Tutoring

Another business you can do which doesn’t require any capital is tutoring.

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If you have the ability to teach people and they find it easy to understand you, then you should give it a try.  It now on depends on the age range you’ll love to tutor.