These names help you understand what a mini-bus is locally called on the streets of a country.

As a new tourist, the understanding of local slangs help you navigate easily. Check out what the common buses are called in your country.

  1. Danfo: Nigeria
  2. Trotro/Trosky: Ghana
  3. Matatu: Kenya
  4. Taxis collectifs: Algeria
  5. Candonguiero: Angola
  6. Bush taxi: Benin, Burkina Faso, Togo, Niger, Chad
  7. Combi: Botswana, Namibia
  8. Gbaka: Cote d'Ivoire
  9. Poda Poda: Sierra Leone
  10. Magbana: Guinea
  11. Toca Toca: Guinea-Bissau
  12. Car rapide: Senegal
  13. Sotraka: Mali
  14. Aluguer/Yasi: Cape verde
  15. Louage: Tunisia
  16. Iveco: Libya
  17. Microbus: Egypt
  18. Hafla: Sudan and South Sudan
  19. Taxi bus: Cameroon, Lesotho, E-swatini, Gabon
  20. Foula foula: Congo and Democratic Republic of the Congo
  21. Blue Donkey: Ethiopia
  22. Twegerane: Rwanda
  23. Dala dala: Tanzania
  24. Taxi brousse: Comoros islands
  25. Chapa: Mozambique
  26. Kombi: Zimbabwe
  27. Taxi Be: Madagascar
  28. Bus: Basically every other African country

This list was culled from an infographic done by Funmi Oyatogun.

What Mini-Buses are called in Africa [Funmi Oyatogun]
What Mini-Buses are called in Africa [Funmi Oyatogun]
Funmi Oyatogun