Boarding a plane for the first time could be a little nerve racking much like doing any other thing for the first time.

Travelling does sound like so much fun because you get to change your location, see a different set of people, do new fun things and explore as many cultural sites as you want. Much more than just the experience of getting there is the journey to your destination.

So, here's the thing, you want to have an awesome time while in the city and on the road, plane or ship. But then, how can you if you get too nervous before the journey even commences just because it's your first time. Here's how you can do in such circumstance and enjoy your first time on-board like a pro.

1. Arrive early

Whether your trip is within or outside the country, you actually want to get there in good time to settle and get relaxed as much as you can. That way you won't be disorganised and you'll be calm enough to get everything in order especially since you are a first-time flyer.

2. Screening!!!

Be prepared for screening. Carry a portable bag that allows you to reach for your ID cards and any other necessary document easily. Also put your cellphone, watch and other metal items in your bag so that you can easily bring them out at the screening point.

3. Be observant

Watch out for how people handle certain procedures and follow suit. You could probably watch out for where and how to place your luggage, how to follow the screening processes and all that.

4. Do not patronise touts to exchange money

Changing currencies from touts at the airport is the wrong place to do that because they may change the money at a higher rate or give you fake currencies. So, if you're going to do that, it's advisable to meet Bureau de Change agents wherever you are travelling to.

5. If you’re likely to use the restroom, take the aisle seat

It can get a little awkward if you have to start climbing over passengers' heads and asking them to stand because you need to find your way down to the toilet. So, it's advisable for you to position yourself at the aisle if you know you're going to be visiting the toilet every now and then.

6. Enjoy your first-time experience.

Have a nice ride and enjoy the best of your trip.