Their adventurous spirit and creative content has grown their dedicated follower base and made them the top travel bloggers in the country right now.

1. Amarachi Ekekwe

Amarachi (@amarachiekekwe) is a system engineer and author who loves to travel. She runs a travel blog, Travel With A Pen, where she shares her adventures and travel tips. From the middle east to the Serengeti, Amarachi shows the world her passion for new adventures while also teaching how to travel cheaply and differently.

2. Unravelling Nigeria

Unravelling Nigeria is a travel brand and travel blog started by Lola Daniyan. In addition to organizing tour packages to different parts of Nigeria and Africa, Unravelling Nigeria also curates their travel experiences and those from others in the form of local restaurant reviews and guides to different places in Nigeria.

3. Ufuoma Okumagba

Ufuoma Okumagba (@theufuoma) is a travel blogger known for her colourful adventures to the most beautiful and obscure parts of the world, as well as the vibrant ways she captures her travels. With 25 countries and over 50 cities under her belt, Ufuoma follows her passion for travel and hopes to make travel seem more attainable to people of colour.

4. Susan Ekpoh

Susan (@waka_wakachronicles) is a pilot and explorer who comes alive when she travels on a bargain. With the help of travel and therapy, she was able to overcome depression and fall back in love with life. Since then, she uses travel as a beacon of hope for herself and others.

5. Fisayo Olayinka Bello

Fisayo (@thefisayo) is a travel mogul and lifestyle brand. On Instagram, YouTube and her blog, she writes about her travel experiences in Nigeria and around the world.

6. Diusor Odiakosa

Diusor (@diusorr) is a Tour Manager, a travel enthusiast and a travel blogger at Currently on a journey to visit 25 Nigerian states before she turns 25 while still exploring other parts of the world, she shares her travel experiences as well as traveling tips on her feed.

7. Enefa

Enefa (@enefa_a) is a brilliant travel and documentary photographer who depicts Portharcourt and its neighbours in the most vivid representations and moving stories. With less than 2000 followers, his handle is an undiscovered gem.

8. Tosin Oyewole

Tosin (@tosinoyewole) is a witty connoisseur of the good life, who documents his travels around the world with great photos!

9. Oto Tom

Oto Tom (@the_wakaholic) is a Nigerian Lawyer with a passion for travel, culture and hotels. Her goal is to explore all continents in the world and provide useful tips to readers by sharing her personal travel experiences.

10. Philips Tunde

Philips Tunde (@nomadic_negro) goes around the country, taking pictures that say a thousand words while also sharing the stories around the circumstance of the photos.