1. Who is Titi Horsfall in 5 words?

Writer with creative & visionary focus. 

 2. What inspired you to choose writing as a career?

Writing chose me. Therein, I found my gift to bequeath to the world. Every piece of literary work I undertake is a personal journey of fulfilment and a channel of hope, inspiration and wisdom to my readers.

3. When did you start writing?

 I started out writing poetry when I was about 8 years old. Having started reading at about 3 years of age, I honed certain literary skills quite early in life, which braced me up for a life of writing and sealed my path in it.

4. What would you say makes a good story?

One that captures the true essence of the reality of life from diverse perspectives; merged into one piece to paint a beautiful picture. A story that every reader could understand and relate to, drawing from it life lessons.

5. How many of your books have been published so far, and which is the most recent?

Four books, and a short story.

Reflections Poetry & its Study Guide, From an Orphan to a Queen; Esther (historical novel), Influence of a King (historical novel), Fancy Loma (a short story), and The Rivers Frontier (historical non-fiction) which is the most recent.

6. How did you feel your first book- Reflections was published? 

 Reflections is a poetry collection that showcases the literary phase during my growing up years. I was quite fascinated by 18th century classic poets like John Keates and Lord Byron. My poetry was formal and structured in like fashion. 

With the publishing of Reflections, my journey as a writer officially begun. It was a wonderful experience. Today, Reflections is an educational text in some secondary schools.

7. Where does your passion for history come from?

I have a very curious streak. As a child, I could ask many questions under one breath. If you need to answer a question as to 'how did this come about?' you invariably go the path of history.

I am naturally drawn to the old, vintage, relic, diverse and archaic treasures. I love developing stories around these. I recall vividly when as a child, I watched the movie: The Ten Commandments. I watched with dawning reality that Bible stories were very much a part of our natural history. They were not mystic tales. With this realisation, I began researching key historic figures and places. It was this interest that led me to my first novel From an Orphan to a Queen, Esther.

8. What does a typical day writing as Titi Horsfall look like?

I am naturally more creative towards the evenings. Maybe because I have gotten the business of the day out of my way, I can then do me. 

This however keeps me awake all night, and is certainly not the best proposition. So, I am more deliberate about when I write. I write during the daytime, and on weekends or vacations.

Any day I commit to writing, I start off very early, because once I begin, I am often enraptured with the process and time literarily fades into the background. Call it passion.

A clarion call to the black race – Nigerian author Titi Horsfall's exclusive interview with Pulse
A clarion call to the black race – Nigerian author Titi Horsfall's exclusive interview with Pulse

9. As an author, how has the journey been, up to this moment when your fourth book, The Rivers Frontier is published and set for release?

It has been a journey of grace. Almost unbelievable to note that I hold down a full-time job, juggle motherhood and still commit to writing! I just keep moving forward and thanking God every step of the way! 

10. If you were to describe your new book, The Rivers Frontier, in three words, what would they be?

Treasure, Collector's Piece.

11. What do you enjoy doing outside of writing?

Reading & Golfing

12. How long does it take you to complete a project?

It depends on what stage of my life I was at, and the nature of the work. When I was a nursing mother or schooling, it took longer. The minimum time I have taken to write a book is 3 years.

it took 3 years to write this book

13. Tell us one random thing about you that your readers don’t know.

I love nature - to marvel at cloud formations, enjoy the picturesque view of flowers in full bloom or the sound of raindrops on a roof. I guess this comes from my being keenly observant, which translates into my writing.

14. Have you ever received criticism for your works?


15. What top 3 tips will you recommend to writers in Nigeria to overcome doubt in this career?

  • 1. Be true to yourself. This would validate you. 
  • 2. Love what you do when not writing. It releases your mind for the task of writing. 
  • 3. Explore possibilities. You can never know unless you try. 

16. Finally, tell us about your new book set to publish in November titled “The Rivers Frontiers”?

The Rivers Frontier

The Rivers Frontier is a history book with a modern twist. It would stir a contemplation of the future, with the understanding that the world we have today is ours to preserve for those yet to come. 

Primarily aimed at leadership - politicians, administrators, youth leaders, policy makers and thought Influencers - scholars, researchers, historians, investors and lovers of African literature would also find the book very useful.

While the theme is centred on people of the Niger Delta, the heart of the message is a clarion call for the dignity of the black race and Africa's development.

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