The Shah Cheragh is a funerary monument as well as mosque.

It is located in Shiraz, Iran. Shah Cheragh means 'King of the Light' and once you step into the building, you'd understand why.

The interior of this mosque is magnificent; it has millions of little shards of mirror that bounce light in every direction, flooding the interior with uncountable needles of light.

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The site of the mosque also has an intriguing history attached to it. According to history, legend and myth, around 900 A.D., something shiny was spotted in the distance by a traveller.

Upon getting closer to it, the traveller discovered  an illuminated grave containing an armored corpse of an important Muslim figure.

The area then became a pilgrim site for the Shia Muslims and a structure to house the tomb was built.

The Shah Cheragh has been repeatedly damaged by nature and people, it has also been ravaged by time, but countless repair works have ensured that it is still standing and shining till date.

The millions of light shards still shine and twinkle like little jewels and it continues to attract pilgrims and tourists from all over the world.